Wisut Ponnimit

Manga and animation artist. Lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Well-known for his nick name “Tam”. Debuted with his first manga work in Thailand in 1998. Studied in Japan in 2003, and afterwards, published his manga such as “Blanco”, ”Mamuang” in Japan. Won a prize for “hesheit aqua” at Manga Division, Japan Media Art Festival in 2009.

暱稱為 Tam,於1998年以第一部漫畫作品在泰國初登場。自2003年起赴日本進修並在日本發表眾多的漫畫作品,如 "Blanco","Manuang" 等。
於2009年獲得 Japan Media Art Festival 漫畫類獎勵賞。

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